ClearPC®, Manufacturer of Acrylic 1U Racks, Cabinets and Enclosures.

Introducing the world's first acrylic 1u rackmount enclosure from ClearPC®, manufacturer of fine cast acrylic display enclosures and the world's only manufacturer of acrylic 1u cabinets and cases. We're looking forward to bringing you this world's first along with a new 9U height cabinet for your next display. Be one of the select few to own one!

For more information about this up and coming new product from ClearPC®, or to place an advanced order, please contact us.

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17.25 W
17.25 L
2 .25 H


2 x 40mm Fan Accommodation
1 x Sunon Pivotal Fan Accommodation
1 x LCD Panel Opening
1 x 1U PSU Opening (with PSU riser plates)
1 x PCI Slot OPening (Riser Required)
2 x Slim CDROM
1 x Full Size HDD (3.5")
1 x Micro ATX Mainboard or Mini-ITX (Customer Supplied Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX back plate)
4 x Main Fan Venting Hole (Areas of Multiple Holes)
1 x Single Bay CDROM Cover (1/2 height cover)
2 x Finger Holes Front For Case Removal

Mounting Screws:

CD, (4), #4-40, 3/8" CDROM screws, Phillips, Pan
HDD, (4), #6-32, Thumbscrews
MB, (4), #6-32, 1/4" Motherboard Screws, Phillips, Pan
LCD, (4), #4-40, 3/8" CDROM screws, Phillips, Pan
Sunon Fan, (2), #8-32, 1.5", Phillips, Pan
I/O Bar, (1), #6-32, 1", Phillips, Pan
I/O Bar, (1), #6-32 Nut (For Above)
PSU, (2), #6-32, 3/8", Phillips Pan
40MM Fan Screws, (8), #6-32, 1 1/4", Phillips Pan 40MM Fan Screws, (8), #6-32, Nuts
5MM Blue LED, (1),
7MM Switch, Power, (1),

Replacement Parts:

Top Cover (6), #8-32, 3/4", Phillips, Countersink

Recommended Parts:

40MM Fans: Clear Blue Lighted (2)
Adjustable Fan: Sunon PMB1275PNB1-AY
LCD: Max Orbital GLK12232-25-SM
Power Supply: EMACS Model mpw-6200f
Riser Card: Super RSR32_1U (Rev. 1.0)
Motherboard: Micro-ATX Only
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